Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week 130

I just can't seem to get back on that weight loss wagon :p

Actually, I'm going to the dr. later this week. I just feel like my body is "off."
I get the shakes several times a week.
Sometimes I feel like my heart beat is sped up.
Either or both of those are usually accompanied by my body over heating. I'm not sure if they are hot flashes, or just something else. I've heard hot flashes are horrid, but I don't know that these are that bad, so maybe they are something else.
I feel like I'm constantly grumpy. Maybe I'm just a grumpy person, or maybe its a side effect of whatever is going on.
I'm still walking daily, eating okayish, but gaining weight. I think I should at least be holding steady.
My period is now 8 days late.
I have a constant pain in my lower back.

Yep, I'm just falling apart.

But I refuse to think it is all just a part of growing old.

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